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The Portfolio Experience

The Best senior portrait experience ever! It's a laid back and relaxed atmosphere where you can be your most amazing self as you work with our award winning team featuring 3 time Senior Photographer of The year David Lee.

  • Exclusivity...We are currently only working with families of past clients or those referred to us by a past clients. First, we start by designing the session around you...your look, your style and things you like. Proper planning produces beautiful portraits.

  • Ready set go...Each session runs about 3 hours with your favorite outfits and unlimited poses within the time frame of your session. Indoors, outdoors even some locations can be included.

  • Free session Xtreme Black & White, Ring Lights and more are included.

  • Award winning style....Work with the only photographer in the state to win senior photographer of the year in national competition, not once but three times. David makes it so easy and so much fun, we guarantee you'll have an awesome time and love the results.

  • Space is Extremely Limited...We only do one session per day and there are a limited number of summer dates available.

  • BOOK IT NOW AND GET A $50 BONUS...Grab your credit card and call 309.444.7010 to reserve your spot ($250 to book...$250 the day of your session...$100 goes toward the session fee and $400 goes toward your portraits. Book one of these exclusive spots, pay the full $500 at booking and we'll add a $50 gift card that you can use when you order. Our summer sessions are typically sold out by July 15th, so call early to reserve your spot. Grab your credit/debit card and call 309.444.7010.

After school starts we have just one spot per week and many of those are already taken, so reserve your spot today. A better portrait...a better experience...a better value. 309.444.7010

P.S. be sure to follow us on instagram and facebook to get the latest updates....

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