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Prepare for your senior portrait session

What clothing should I bring?


Bring a variety

Bring both light and dark outfits, dressy and casual. You have many sides to your personality, so don’t limit yourself to one look. If you’re a more casual person, vary the level of casual from hanging out with friends, to going out to dinner, to going on a first date.


For girls who want an extremely elegant look, we suggest you bring a prom dress or other dressy outfit you love, but also include some casualwear for outdoors.


For guys, a suit or sports coat helps you achieve a more formal look, but a nice shirt, tie, and slacks also work nicely. Darker colors work best for guy’s formal shots.


Bring extras

If you have a 3 outfit session, bring at least 5 outfits. If you have a 4-5 outfit session, bring at least 7-8 outfits. Once you’re at the studio, we’ll help pick which outfits will make you look the most stunning on our sets.


Plan for specialty sets

If you’re planning on getting Xtreme Black & Whites, we recommend you bring a dark top. It doesn’t have to be black, but dark works best. For Ring Lights, we recommend strong colors, metalics, or whites and soft pastels. For Hot Whites, a white or light pastel colored top usually works best.


A few “What not to wears”

Avoiding mixing light tops and dark bottoms (or vice versa). These combinations look great in real life, but in a portrait, they will cut you in half visually. Medium tones photograph well with dark or light, and of course, dark with dark and light with light look great too.


We suggest you avoid very strong patterns as they tend to draw attention to the clothes rather than the person. The worst culprit is strong, high-contrast plaid. When used in table-cloths strong plaid makes the table look bigger…unfortunately, it does the same for your hips. Remember that you should be the star. Clothing is your supporting cast.

How should I plan my hair and make-up?


For guys and girls, we recommend that you don’t get a hair cut right before your portrait. If you need a haircut, make sure you have it done a week to 10 days in advance to avoid having the fresh cut look and to be sure you’re going to like the new style.


For girls, we recommend you wear your hair and make-up the same as if you’re going out to dinner. Lip gloss is always a good idea as it keeps the lips looking more moist than lip balm or chap stick. Please arrive with your hair and make-up done so you can do a quick check and then make the most of you the time you have scheduled with David Lee.

Don’t forget!


Hobbies, sports, etc.

The portrait is about you, who you are and who you will become. Don't be afraid to bring interests, sports, hobbies, art, musical instruments, anything that says something about you now or who you hope to become.


Jewelry and accessories

To have the most polished look, don’t forget any jewelry or accessories that complete your outfits. The easiest way to remember everything you need is to place all the small things in a plastic bag and pierce it over the hanger that the outfit is on.

Have you booked your session yet? If not, contact us!
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