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Senior Session Options

We want every session we do to be unique and incredible.  That's why we limit our senior sessions to just four per week and sell out very fast. Whether you choose the Express session with a portrait collection included or the Portfolio session with unlimited outfits and poses, you portrait experience will be unlike anything you've ever done before. Questions? contact us!

The Portfolio Experience


With the Portfolio Experience you get it all: indoors and outdoors* at the studio, Xtreme Black & White, Ring Lights and more. This is the only session that gives you unlimited poses within the 90-105 minute time frame.


This session includes:

  • Unlimited outfits & unlimited poses

  • Studio, window light room and outdoors at the studio (wp)

  • Free upgrades like Extreme Black & White, Ring lights and more.

  • We can even take a road trip to one of our best locations when time allows


The Portfolio Experience is $1000 with $200 going toward your session and the remaining $800 going toward your order.  Please Note:  we are currently only taking past clients and past client referrals.

Call for details 309.444.7010

The Express Session

This session features studio, window loft and outdoors at the studio (weather permitting).  This 45-50 min. session includes 2-3 outfits and 12-15 poses to choose from.  Want more great looks?  Check out the session upgrades available for this session.


This session includes:

  • 12-15 poses to choose from

  • Studio, window loft, outdoors (wp)

  • Plus you get an 8x10, 2-5x7s & 16 wallets of your favorite pose all included as part of your session.


This session is not available at this time.

Whether you choose  the Portfolio Experience or the Express Session, don't forget we strongly encourage you to personalize your session, pets, intrurments, uniforms, car/truck**  etc.  And can bring your friends!

*We try really hard to control the weather (we think we're getting better at it), but unfortunatley we can only photograph outside if conditions permit. 

**Please let us know if you're bringing your car, truck or motorcycle so we can schedule you at the right time of day. We can include a location if time permits. We are currently only booking the Portfolio Session and only for past clients and past client referrals


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