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We're looking for a select group of ladies between the ages of 21 and 50ish to represent the Perfume Portrait experience in 2022.  If you're stylish, outgoing, good with people and would enjoy working with our award winning team, you may be just the sort of person we're looking for.


 We're an award winning husband and wife team with over 40 years experience in making everyday women look beautiful, feel confident and be amazing!  We know that our very best clients come to us as a referral from one of our other clients or a local business. With that in in mind, we're looking for a select team of ladies to join our 2022 Brand Ambassador team.    Want to know more?  Just click the pink button  or scroll down for details.


...Here's How It Works:

The Ultimate Photographic Experience


  • What is a Brand Ambassador? - A Brand Ambassador is someone who shares their images and Perfume Portrait Experience with friends, and earns products or money for each referral.

  • Your Perfume Portrait Experience - If you're selected as a Brand Ambassador, you'll be invited to be a guest of the studio for your own Perfume Portrait Experience at zero cost to you. You'll get the design consultation, professional makeup, and a 90-120 min. photo shoot with our award winning team. Next we'll finish all of your best images to magazine cover perfection and get them ready for you to share. Worth over $500, it's yours free if selected.

  • Digital Portfolio - Our Brand Ambassadors each get a custom made, digital portfolio that allows them to share their images right from their phone, tablet or computer. You can share a single image or share the entire can even send a  digital referral card right from the app.

  • Payment For Each Referral- For each lady you refer, you get a $50 gift card toward any products you want and the person you referred gets a $50 gift card toward their order as well.  After 5 referrals you have the option of continuing to accrue $50 gift cards or taking compensation of $25 per referral for numbers 6-10 and after 10 it doubles to $50 per or $100 gift cards...your choice.

  • Who Can Be A Brand Ambassador - We're looking for ladies between the ages of 21 and 50ish who are outgoing, stylish, good with people and would enjoy working with our creative team. A strong social media presence is a plus but not required. However,  the more people you know the better.  

  • Interested? The first step is to apply.  Simply click the email link below and briefly tell us your name, age, city where you live or work* and why you want to join our Brand Ambassador team.  Be sure to attach a couple recent images of you (close up, full length, can send up to 5). Images should be no more than 6 months old, professional is good, snap shots are fine but avoid images with social medial filters. We'll send you back some additional information, FAQ and answer any questions you may have.  Click Here To Apply

  • What's Next? - Once the applications are all in, we'll narrow it down to a group of finalists then set up the voting on our facebook page. You want to get everyone you know to come and vote for you. We make the final selection but getting votes plays a roll in our decision. 

  • Your own Perfume Portrait Experience- If you're selected for the team, each of our brand ambassadors get their own Perfume Portrait Experience...Design consultation, photo shoot with our award winning team, Premier Video and Digital Portfolio and more...A $528 value...FREE.

* We try to not put more than one Brand Ambassador in the same geographic area.


Every woman is unique...and her Perfume Portrait Experience should be too!
As a Perfume Portraits Ambassador, your Perfume Portrait images and experience will be designed around two sessions are ever the same.  Will your look be flirty, fun, sexy, romantic, alluring, empowered, bold or a combination of different facets of your personality? While many of our images are created as gifts for someone you love, the experience it's self is a gift of confidence and empowerment to you. 

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Look Beautiful...Feel Confident...and be Amazing!

See What Others Say About Their Perfume Portrait Experience...

Mary and David are a phenomenal team. I was beyond comfortable with the amazing duo as they helped me into portraits that I fell madly in love with. Their work reminded me that the simplest things around you can restore your confidence and love yourself.... Alycia R.

My experience was FABULOUS! Totally professional. I felt comfortable and beautiful the entire time! They gave me plenty of time to get dressed and do my hair and makeup. All of the sets were ready when I got there and they did a great job at changing it up so I had a variety to choose from. When I saw the final photos I was STUNNED at how they looked! I never knew I could feel so beautiful! Usually when I see a picture of myself I pick apart everything I don’t like about my face or body but with these I loved each and every one of them! Thank you so much for everything...Jamie C.

My experience with Perfume Portraits was excellent in every sense! David and Mary are true artists and pay attention to not only your ideas, but every single detail. From the moment you step through the door, each moment and photo are done with the highest standards and respectfully done. These photographs are classy, beautiful, and elegant! Top notch quality and nothing less. To say I'm so thankful for this experience is an understatement. I will treasure the works of Perfume Portraits for many years to come. Thank you for capturing the beauty in everyone.  💕.....Kim J.

I want to thank the both of you for an amazing time.  I felt beautiful,  and was treated with professionalism,  and courtesy. Your ideas were creative and you know how to make a person feel comfortable! ...Kelli F.

Thank you guys so much! I had an amazing experience with Perfume Portraits. It was very personable and laid back. I loved all of the different sets and spaces to photograph in...Deanna L.

Are you ready to look beautiful, feel confident and have the most amazing experience?