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The Perfume Portrait Experience

Look beautiful...Feel Confident...Be amazing!

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What is The Perfume Portrait Experience?

A perfume session is a highly stylized fashion/glamour session that’s created around you, your ideas and the looks you want to create.  From perfect lighting and pose coaching, to elegant, settings and attention to the last detail, our award winning team will help you look and feel amazing. Whether you're doing this as a gift for someone special, as a reward for reaching a goal or just to pamper yourself and have fun, this is one of the best investments you can make in you.


Is A Perfume Portrait The same as a boudoir portrait? Yes and No.  Some clients choose to include a boudoir segment using  lingerie or a special outfit that brings out their sexy or romantic side, while others choose a more fashion couture or beauty portrait look. Of course of lot of people do some of both, but it's entirely up to you.  Whatever your style, your session will be unique and designed around you...we're here to help you look and feel amazing.

Which Session? From the 2 outfit, 20 pose Perfume the 40 pose Perfume Ultimate and every session in between, you get our award winning husband and wife team of Mary and David Lee. Every pose you see will be exquisitely finished to magazine cover perfection at no extra charge...just request a free Perfume Experience catalog using the "Contact" link at the top of the page or email us at 

What about Hair & Makeup? Professional makeup is included with the Perfume Inspired and Ultimate sessions and is optional on other sessions. Just let us know your preference and we can arrange for a professional makeup artist or tell you how best to do your own. If you choose to do your own hair and makeup be sure to visit our facebook page on getting ready for your Perfume Portrait Experience: 

How and when will I see my images? You'll see and order your Perfume portraits at your "Premier".  This is the only place you will see your images so anyone you need to help you decide should be invited to your Premier viewing session.  This usually takes place a few days after your session or for out of town clients we can arrange for your premier to take place later on the day of your sessions...just be sure to let us know so we can schedule accordingly. 

Can I bring someone with me? Absolutely!  In fact we strongly encourage you to bring a friend to be your personal assistant.  They can be with you through out your session and we're happy to have them as part of our team for the day.

Who will be my photographer? All sessions are done by our award winning husband and wife team of Mary & David Lee which means you benefit both of their talents and perspectives. Mary is the owner of our studio and is a master of style and design with a penchant for attention to details. David is an award winning photographer and a master of lighting.  Both are experts at coaching you to look your best and helping your feel relaxed and comfortable through out your day.

What does the Perfume Portrait Experience cost and how do I schedule? This is one of the best investments you'll ever make in you. To book a session simply call with your credit/debit card in hand and pay for the experience you want (eg. the Essentials would be $100, Inspired $150 or Ultimate $200. The day of your Perfume Experience everything is taken care of so you just concentrate on having fun and looking gorgeous. Because everyone's needs are different, portraits are in addition to your Perfume Experience and range from $55 for a gift size portrait up to $1200 for our top Perfume Collection and most people fall somewhere in between. To request a Perfume Catalog just click here.

Ready to look beautiful, feel confident and be amazing? Just call Mary @ 309.444.7010 to explore the possibilities.  There's no obligation but if you don't call, you may never know how truly amazing you really are!



Be sure to visit the galleries for some fun ideas (the link is on the left) and don't forget to like and follow us on facebook at for more great ideas and info!

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