Perfume Portraits Model Search

Hello gorgeous, ready to have some fun? How about an experience where you look like a magazine model and end up with a whole new sense of confidence? If that sounds good, then you could be just the person we're looking for. It's time to leave ordinary behind and meet your inner goddess!


We’re an award winning husband/wife photography team with over 40 years experience making every day people look and feel amazing. We’re currently looking for ladies in the Volusia County area to help us test new sets and ideas for upcoming studio promotions. This is where you come in.


Here are the details:


First off...,you DO NOT have to be a professional model, we just make you look and feel like one.

Secondly there is ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE to model for us or obligation to purchase anything. In fact we usually compensate our models for their time and effort with a free session, a little digital collection of "Forget-Me-Not" files, even a gift card that you can use or pass on to a friend. All total it's worth around $250.

So why don't we just hire professional models? Because the perfume portrait experience is all about giving every day women the same look and experience a professional model or famous celebrity would get. Every woman has an inner goddess who's beautiful, sexy, confident and we'd like to introduce you to yours. Each of our models gets:

  • A design consultation that helps you plan and make everything run smoothly the day of your Perfume Portrait Session.

  • An amazing 90 minute photo-session with Mary & David who are experts at putting you at ease, making your modeling experience fun and helping you look totally gorgeous!

  • Your own private Premier Event where you'll see all your best images finished to magazine cover perfection (bring friends and popcorn, we'll have the drinks).

  • And a nice little digital collection of "Forget-Me-Not" files and a gift card after you pick your favorites.


So I get a Perfume Portrait Experience for FREE that everyone else would pay $250 for…what's the catch?


Well there isn’t one. All we ask is that you be on time, be creative and if we get something we totally love, we have your permission to use it in our promotions or as a studio sample. Of course every model gets to say which images can be used in promotion and which ones can’t.


"Yeah but…"  Everybody has a but…let’s talk about a few


But I don’t know much about posing – Not a problem, Mary & David are experts helping you feel relaxed, have fun and coaching you into poses that make you look fantastic.

But I’m too old to be a model – Beautiful doesn't come with an expiration date. Our regular clients range in age from early 20’s to mid 50’s so we truly need a variety of models from all age groups.


But I would need to lose a few pounds before I could do this –First of all, gorgeous comes in all shapes and sizes, but if you want to drop a few pounds or inches instantly, keep in mind the right pose, the right light and the right camera angle makes a world of difference. That’s why celebrities choose really good photographers and one of the reasons our clients choose us.

But I'm not sure I could be photographed without clothes on - We get it and that's why we don't do nude portraits. A Perfume Portrait can be sexy, flirty, romantic but it always leaves something to  the imagination. You'll most likely be wearing more as a Perfume Portrait Model than you would wear to the beach.

But I’ve seen magazines and no one actually looks that good –You’re right. Walking around, everyday, nobody looks quite as good as they did in the magazine. However for one brief moment with the right light, pose, camera technique and finishing, everything was perfect.  Perfume Portraits is about giving real women that moment of perfection and letting her inner goddess shine.

Okay so if I’m thinking about it…what would I have to do?


Ready to look beautiful feel confident and have a totally amazing experience you'll love?

  • Just drop us an email at and put “Model” in the subject line.

  • Briefly tell us why you want to be a Perfume Portraits Model and what would make you a good choice.

  • Include 3 or 4 recent images of you (taken within the last 6 months), usually a close-up, full length and whatever else you might want to include.  Professional work is great, snapshots are also good but no filters please.


What’s Next?

After we receive your email, you’ll get a confirmation that we got it along with a link to the model survey that includes information about upcoming projects we’re planning to shoot along with questions that help us match you up to the best project.  That’s it…you’re in our model group that we go to first when we want to try new ideas.  Ready to send that email? Click Here or use the link below...

See What Others Say About Their Perfume Portrait Experience...

Mary and David are a phenomenal team. I was beyond comfortable with the amazing duo as they helped me into portraits that I fell madly in love with. Their work reminded me that the simplest things around you can restore your confidence and love yourself.... Alycia R.

My experience was FABULOUS! Totally professional. I felt comfortable and beautiful the entire time! They gave me plenty of time to get dressed and do my hair and makeup. All of the sets were ready when I got there and they did a great job at changing it up so I had a variety to choose from. When I saw the final photos I was STUNNED at how good they looked! I never knew I could feel so beautiful! Usually when I see a picture of myself I pick apart everything I don’t like about my face or body but with these I loved each and every one of them! Thank you so much for everything...Jamie C.

My experience with Perfume Portraits was excellent in every sense! David and Mary are true artists and pay attention to not only your ideas, but every single detail. From the moment you step through the door, each moment and photo are done with the highest standards and respectfully done. These photographs are classy, beautiful, and elegant! Top notch quality and nothing less. To say I'm so thankful for this experience is an understatement. I will treasure the works of Perfume Portraits for many years to come. Thank you for capturing the beauty in everyone.  💕.....Kim J.

I want to thank the both of you for an amazing time.  I felt beautiful,  and was treated with professionalism,  and courtesy. Your ideas were creative and you know how to make a person feel comfortable! ...Kelli F.

Thank you guys so much! I had an amazing experience with Perfume Portraits. It was very personable and laid back. I loved all of the different sets and spaces to photograph in...Deanna L.

Are you ready to look beautiful, feel confident and have the most amazing experience?