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Models Wanted

We're giving away over $2,000 of dollars worth of Perfume Portrait sessions and images.
We're looking for a few great ladies to model for some upcoming projects. You DO NOT have to be a professional model to apply. In fact, we're actually looking for a mix of experienced and not so experienced. So what's in it for you and why should you get your Model Contest entry in as soon as possible? Well...scroll down and see.

Here's why you''ll want to get your entry in right away

The first reason...and it's a big one...We're sending out $25 to $50 gift cards to everyone who gets their entry in before January 1st 2024. What's the catch? Well we have a limited number of them so when they're gone...they're gone. If you're not selected, you'd still have a nice gift card and you'll remain on our model list for up to a year. If you are selected you can add that $25 or $50 card to the $600 package each of our models get. So either way you win. Now scroll down for the good stuff...


If you're selected, here's what you get:

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There is ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE to enter our model search contest or to model for us. All of our models receive a Perfume Session and compensation package worth $350 for their their time  and use of their images.

  • Each model selected will be photographed by our award winning team of Mary & David Lee at our loft studio in New Smyrna Beach/

  • Our model contest is for women in Central Florida who are 21 or older and have not modeled for us in the last 24 months.

  • Each model will be photographed by our award winning team (Mary & David) at our loft studio in New Smyrna Beach.

  • Each model selected will receive a design consultation, planning guide, 90 min. 3 outfit session worth $100. Plus, a $250 gift card to design whatever they want from our "Models Only" catalog.

  • Whether you're a professional model looking for fresh images for your portfolio, content for your site or you've never modeled before, this will be a fun, confidence building experience and you'll love the way you look! 


So...How Do You Enter?

Simply send us an email, briefly tell us why want to model for us and why we should pick you. You can include 2 or 3 recent pictures of you if you want (a close up, full length and whatever else you'd like to include).  We've even made sending your entry easy...just click the button below.

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What's Next?

When we get your entry, we'll send you a confirmation to let you know we got it. Shortly after that you'll get an email with a gift card, model survey, frequently asked questions and a brief description of the projects we need models for. Get your Model Survey sent back as soon as possible because it plays into the selection process.  Just answer the questions and click send at the bottom of the form...pretty easy. Next take a look at the various projects we have coming up and the FAQ (frequently asked questions). If you see a particular project(s) you're really interested in or a question we didn't answer, feel free to drop us an email and let us know. 

Please Note:  We typically get 40-60 entries on our model calls and to be fair to everyone it takes a little while to go through them all and make our selection. You can follow our facebook and instagram pages for updates. 

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About Us

We’re an award winning husband/wife photography team with over 40 years experience making every day people look and feel amazing. We work exclusively as a team bring dual perspectives to every session. 

See What Others Say About Their Perfume Portrait Experience...

Mary and David are a phenomenal team. I was beyond comfortable with the amazing duo as they helped me into portraits that I fell madly in love with. Their work reminded me that the simplest things around you can restore your confidence and love yourself.... Alycia R.

My experience was FABULOUS! Totally professional. I felt comfortable and beautiful the entire time! They gave me plenty of time to get dressed and do my hair and makeup. All of the sets were ready when I got there and they did a great job at changing it up so I had a variety to choose from. When I saw the final photos I was STUNNED at how good they looked! I never knew I could feel so beautiful! Usually when I see a picture of myself I pick apart everything I don’t like about my face or body but with these I loved each and every one of them! Thank you so much for everything...Jamie C.

My experience with Perfume Portraits was excellent in every sense! David and Mary are true artists and pay attention to not only your ideas, but every single detail. From the moment you step through the door, each moment and photo are done with the highest standards and respectfully done. These photographs are classy, beautiful, and elegant! Top notch quality and nothing less. To say I'm so thankful for this experience is an understatement. I will treasure the works of Perfume Portraits for many years to come. Thank you for capturing the beauty in everyone.  💕.....Kim J.

I want to thank the both of you for an amazing time.  I felt beautiful,  and was treated with professionalism,  and courtesy. Your ideas were creative and you know how to make a person feel comfortable! ...Kelli F.

Thank you guys so much! I had an amazing experience with Perfume Portraits. It was very personable and laid back. I loved all of the different sets and spaces to photograph in...Deanna L.

“David and Mary were very nice, fun, and professional. I had a blast working with them and was very comfortable throughout the shoot!”...Sarina B.

Thank you so much! This was definitely a memorable experience. I am in awe of all the things you can do with a camera....Deech Lynn

Are you ready to look beautiful, feel confident and have the most amazing experience? Click the link below to send send your entry.

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